TEXAS RAGTIME 60L/16GAL Urban Commercial Open Top Trash Can Stainless Steel with Plastic Liner

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21.00 LBS

Product Overview

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Looking for a reliable and attractive way to discard trash in your house? Or perhaps you own or manage a public venue or building such as a doctor’s office, sporting arena, convention center, workout club or other public venue? Texas Ragtime has all your needs covered with this classic stainless-steel kitchen trash can. Made of heavy-duty, industrial-strength steel that naturally boasts antibacterial, antimicrobial, and rustproof properties, our metal trash cans will hold up against dents and other damage while maintaining their sleek aesthetics for years to come. Classic and clean, this container combines modern sensibilities with practical application with its wide-mouth top that works as an easy receptacle. Featuring convenient side handles and a detachable plastic liner for easier mobility and waste disposal, every inch of this garbage bin was carefully planned. Additionally, the capacity of these open mouth garbage cans is impressive as they can safely contain 16 gallons of trash. With its contemporary finish and large load capacity, these multi use trash cans are a great way to enhance the appearance of restrooms, bars, coffee shops or fast-food places. As with all of our kitchen products and supplies, We at Texas Ragtime believe in making the necessities of life as convenient and functional as possible.

Product Details:
(1) Garbage Can
(1) Open Mouth Lid 9.5” diameter
(1) Removable Plastic Black Liner Size: 26” High, 16” Diameter Material; Stainless Steel, Plastic Capacity: 16 Gallons/60 Liters Color: Silver


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review