Fitness Center Signs Aren't Only for Show

Sep 13th 2019

Fitness Center Signs Aren't Only for Show

Signage in wellness centers serve to caution, give directions or instructions and are crucial to the security of customers, your staff and business.

Provide Warnings

These signs fill in as quiet staff members, helping customers to remember security systems and advise them of potential perils. These can incorporate notices of wet floors in sauna/jacuzzi/pool/shower areas, proper utilization of gear, and precautions in weight zones.

Procedures & Directions

These range from general requirements posted at the work area and issues of sanitation. Incorporating age prerequisites of customers, proper utilization of the spaces, showers, and gear.

Signs need to be printed and posted where they can be seen at eye level, or no higher than 6' starting from the floor. Decals on mirrors and glass entryways/windows are also helpful for standing out in specific areas.

In spite of the best endeavors of your staff, mishaps and crises will happen. Your fitness center should have planned systems in case of crisis, for example, fire, tornado, blackout, earthquakes.

Each staff needs to know how to respond to crisis. These methods need to be looked into consistently once every year. Staff members who work on the wellness center area need to have Red Cross training in case of emergency. At the very least one CPR-trained staff part needs to be present.

If you are needing posters and signs for your gym, head on over to our Posters section and you can immediately download free digital files which you can print for your gym.