EAGLE WIPES Natural Cleaning Wipes, Gym Wipes with Lavender Oil 4 Rolls, 5000 sheets (1,250 Wipes/Roll)

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27.00 LBS

Eagle Wipes Natural Cleaning or Gym Wipes is a great everyday wipe for hand and surface use. Use to clean gym equipment surfaces with ease. Each gym equipment wipes case has 4 rolls of 1250 sheets each, a total of 5000 sheets. These cleaning wipes use natural ingredients like lavender and vinegar. The gym cleaning wipes can be used with upward pull dispensers. Individual gym wipes measure 8" x 5".

NATURAL GYM WIPES - Using natural ingredients like lavender & vinegar
CLEANING WIPES -Safe and effective hand and surface wipe
EACH GYM WIPE -Measures 8" x 5", 4 rolls, each roll has 1250 wipes total of 5000 sheets
EQUIPMENT WIPES REFILL- Use for fitness cleaning wipes, workout wipes for equipments, yoga & fitness wipes, yoga mat wipes. Wellness center wipes for wellness equipment and even home gym wipes. These gym wipes can be used with upward pull wipe dispenser. Pre-saturated wipes use natural ingredients like Lavender and vinegar.
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