Oil Only Bilge Boom 3” x 18” Length Absorbs Up to 6.25 Gal per Package (20 Booms)

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8.00 LBS

Product Overview

Absorb the pollutants that build up in a boat's bilge to avoid potential fines and environmental damage. Oil-Only Bilge Booms repel water but soak up oil, gas and diesel before they can spread into navigable waters.
Sized to fit into bilges, engine compartments, sumps, tanks and more; attach rope to metal clip to easily deploy and retrieve
Chemical-resistant poly skin is filled with highly-sorbent poly blend; Booms won't shed or sink, even when saturated with oil
Poly blend is hydrophobic — repels water (and floats) while only absorbing oils and other hydrocarbons
Oil stands out on bright white Boom; easy to see saturation level, so you save money by not throwing it away too soon


Dimensions - ext. dia. 3" x 18" L
Shipping Dimensions - 17" W x 25.25" L x 12" H
Sold as - 20 per package
Color - White/Speckled
Composition - Poly Blend Filler/Polyester Netting/Metal Hardware
Recycled Content - 97% Post-Industrial Recycled Poly Blend Filler
Absorbency - Up to 6.25 gal. per package
Absorbency per - Up to 40 oz.
Weight - 8.01 lbs.


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