Recycled White T-Shirt Wiping Rags (40 lb Box)

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42.50 LBS

Product Overview

Cut white T-shirts and polo shirts. All cotton and cotton-blended knit. Widely used in the painting trades.

White T-shirt are the perfect rag for painting and won’t bleed color when used with water, chemicals, and of course paints.

INDUSTRY USES:  Oilfield, automotive, janitorial, weapons cleaning

Polybags are thicker than most plastic packaging and can be slit open to allow easy dispensing of the rags and it is more economical than corrugated packaging.

Approximately 352 pcs. Hand packed net weight of 40 lb wiping rags. Corrugated box has side handles and 5” punch out hole for dispensing rags.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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