TEXAS RAGTIME Eagle Wipes Round Tabletop Wet Wipes Dispenser Stainless Steel Dispenser for Gyms - Offices - Hospitals - Schools - Restrooms - Stainless Steel Wipe Dispensers 10 inch by 11.5 inch height

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6.00 LBS

Product Overview

EASY AND CONVENIENT ACCESS: Texas Ragtime Eagle Wipes has created a user-friendly table top wet wipes dispenser. It makes life significantly easier for gym-goers, patients in doctor’s offices, day care teachers, restaurant servers, and anyone in a public or commercial space in which good hygienic environment needs to be promoted. You can single-handedly grab a wet wipe and clean your hands.

UPKEEP MADE SIMPLE FOR EMPLOYEES AND OWNERS: Our table top wet wipe dispenser is useful for maintaining good hygienic home and business environment. This wet wipe dispenser is 11.5” tall & 10” in diameter, plastic lined and can fit wet wipe rolls up to 9” in diameter.

UPGRADE YOUR PLASTIC WET WIPE PLASTIC BUCKET: Just because commercial gym wipe stations are designed for sweat, and waste doesn’t mean it has to look like it is. Boasting a classic silver color with a pristine, slimline design, the Eagle Wipes wet wipes container is an affordable upgrade from a plastic bucket. It adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to any decor.

HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE BUILD: Constructed with premium stainless steel and a silver finish, the Eagle Wipes gym wipe dispenser can withstand a lot of wear-and-tear, which is particularly important in high-traffic areas like a public bathroom, music venue or festival, sporting arena, or convention center. This wet wipe dispenser is rust, water, and corrosion-resistant.

THE “TEXAS RAGTIME” GUARANTEE: The inspiration behind this product was a desire to provide a well-made, sturdy gym and commercial-use cleansing station that wasn’t an eye-sore or difficult to use. Flawlessly designed to keep wet wipes moist, you’ll love this wipe container. But if you don’t or there is a defect, return within 30 days for a refund or replacement.

Keep Good Hygiene with the Eagle Wipes Round Tabletop Wet Wipe Dispenser

These multifunctional gym wipe dispensers are a MUST accessory if you own a workout or yoga studio, gym, restaurant, venue, hall, or center. It’s built for ease so both employees and guests can utilize them with minimal issues. Replacing the cleansing wipe rolls is incredibly simple, just open the lid and replace the roll of wipe.

This product fits wet wipe rolls of 8 to 9 inch in diameter. The container is lined in plastic and comprised of resilient stainless steel that will keep its composition in various weather and venues. With a pretty silver finish that blends seamlessly in any environment, this affordable step up from the plastic wet wipe bucket is a must!


Product Details:

Stainless Steel Gym Wipe Dispenser, 11.5”(h) x 10”(d)

Plastic lined to keep moisture in

Fits most wet wipe roll up to 9 inch in diameter



(No reviews yet) Write a Review